Gain the technical advantage of cage training


Constructed from 5mm and 3mm square tubing. Plastic coated 50x4mm black diamond mesh. Heavy-duty PVC material imported from Zebra USA. No compromise on quality!


Only ZEBRA Cage Panels feature proprietary construction methods to ensure that even the smallest detail contribute to overall safety of the athlete.


ZEBRA™ Cage Panels feature 4mm plastic coated diamond mesh, contributing to the overall strength and comfort to support lengthy training session up against the Cage Panels.

ZEBRA Cage Panel Walls

Affordable, space-efficient cage experience

If you don't have enough space for a full cage, but still want the technical advantage and benefit from cage training, the Zebra Cage Panel Walls are your go-to solution.
Zebra Cage Panel Walls are built to the same professional event specifications as those that make up the full Zebra Showcase Series Cage. They are constructed using extra strong, vinyl-coated chain link fencing to minimize bending while still allowing a little bounce, and come complete with 16 inch bumper pads and 3/4th inch rail pads wrapped in 18 oz. vinyl with zip tie closures.
Each 3m section is built on-demand, attaches at each end to a 100mm square post with pre-drilled base plates and is ready to assemble upon delivery – every order contains enough posts to secure the ends of each panel ordered.

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