YOGA Partnership Package

Zebra Mats South Africa (Pty) Ltd is proud to present a private, non-intrusive partnership offer to yoga studios across South Africa.

The aim of the YOGA Partnership Package is to offer the ZEBRA Yoga Flooring products to studios in an affordable, discounted package benefiting the studio and the brand in a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.

The terms of the YOGA Partnership Package can be customized accordingly.

ZEBRA Yoga Flooring

At the heart of the YOGA Partnership Package, is the world-class ZEBRA Yoga Flooring Mats.

Safety, climate stability, and durability are the three most common reasons our customers give for why they have made Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles an internationally trusted studio flooring solution for yoga and fitness facilities of all sizes.

At the core of every Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tile is a 100% recycled, multi-density, open-cell foam held together with a proprietary adhesive process that allows us to confidently offer a 15-year product life expectancy alongside a 10-year warranty.

Because the foam is open-cell, it is also completely climate stable – meaning your tiles will not expand or contract with changes in temperature, additionally they reduce noise pollution, and act as an insulator which can reduce utility costs.

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