In the house

Have a peak at what's in the warehouse...

Some items are brand-new and some are demos, and sometimes there are "previously-loved" Zebra mats and Zebra Puzzle Mats available.

These items are in limited supply and sell quickly, so don’t hesitate to grab one of these deals before they’re gone!


ZEBRA 40mm MMA Mats

Brand new.

Left over from incoming batch.

4x BLACK and 5x GREY.

ZEBRA 40mm Training Series MMA Mats.

Each mat is 40mm 2m x 1m.

Price R3200 each.

ZEBRA Wall Pads

Demo Wall Pads in good condition.

Black and grey 50mm x 183cm x 61cm

Price R650 each.

Grappling Mats

Grappling Mats

ZEBRA 40mm Grappling Mats

You'll love these 40mm Zebra Grappling Mats in Tatami Textured Red.

Brand new. This was a custom order for a customer who abandoned them.

Price R2400 each.