ZEBRA™ Wall Pads
ZEBRA™ Wall Pads

ZEBRA™ Wall Pads

Protect your students, Maximize your training area

Zebra Wall Pads will minimize the risk of your students getting injured against walls.

Allowing your students to safely train up to the wall, you are effectively using your maximum available mat area.

Zebra Wall Pads combine the highest quality, imported heavy-duty 550g PVC material with a 40mm thick SABS approved high-density foam on 13mm CE approved OSB base to make the perfect wall pad.

Zebra Wall Pads are assembled under compression using a custom-built machine to ensure a tight surface.

This ensures that every Zebra Wall Pad is manufactured to the exact specification.


  • 1.83m x 61cm x 50mm
  • Imported heavy-duty 550g PVC material
  • Imported CE Approved OSB back-board
  • SABS Approved High-Density Foam
  • Machine compressed and assembled